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Water Filtration for Whole House

Your water never tasted any better. Experience a water that tastes better, works better in your appliances and saves you money. We offer water treatment solutions to suit every need and budget. Explore how our water treatment solutions can transform your life.

Enjoy a softer way of life with Watercare. Our Clack water softeners ensure 100% limescale removal to give you long lasting plumbing fixtures and an enhanced appliance life. Say goodbye to dry skin and itchy scalp.

Get 100% pure & safe drinking water right from your tap in your kitchen. Remove chlorine, fluoride & other contaminants from your home water supply with our wide range of Doulton water filters.

Say No to bottled water. Ensure a continued supply of great tasting bottled like drinking water right in your kitchen with reverse osmosis filtration systems. Get highest quality drinking water at the most affordable prices.

Eliminate the risks of bacteria present in your private well with accurate water analysis. Get your well water tested today for presence of iron & manganese, pH, bad taste and dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Why Watercare?

Watercare is committed to improve the quality of your home water. From removing contaminants from water with a filtration system to replenishing your skin with a water softening system, we have the solution to cater your every water treatment need.

With over 4 decades of rich experience, we have established ourselves as the leaders in water treatment industry in Ireland. For over 43 years, we’ve been helping your neighbours and friends get the best water in their homes. Our innovative water treatment solutions are proven to save time and money. We thrive on providing our clients with highest quality service backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

From simple drinking water filters to more specialized filtration like iron or microplastics, WaterCare can help you understand what actually is in your water and provide the best solution to improve the water quality of your home. With whole house water filtration systems from WaterCare, you can rest assured that you are getting best quality water at every tap in your home.


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"I have never had any trouble with the product and the service is excellent, I would recommend the service to others."

~ Hugh & Ann McMonagle, Donegal

"The equipment works well. The service engineer was professional, and courteous. He answered all my concerns."

~ Peter Williams, Roscommon

"Does exactly what we wanted! Looks smart, fitted quickly, and when you sait it would be. Great customer service, thank you."

~ Claire Collins, Carrick on Shannon

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