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Drinking Water Filters

Doulton Duo

DUO™ is the two stage filter system from Doulton® which enables you to throw away your jug filter and enjoy the convenience of clean, healthy, great tasting water on tap in your kitchen.

This Drinking Water Filter from Doulton® brings you bottled quality water on tap in your own home.

The under sink water filter fits neatly under the sink in your kitchen, supplying filtered water either through a separate drinking water tap or through a triflow tap (3 way tap for hot, cold & filtered water).
The DUO™ comes with Sediment Pre-Filter and Ceramic Filter supplied as standard. System gives peace of mind, taking out fine particles, bacteria, cryptosporidium, cysts, chlorine, organic chemicals and toxic lead. Because of two stages the system gives the flexibility for you to customise the system to your requirements.

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Doulton SS Gravity Filter

A Gravity water filter is the preferred choice for filtering your drinking water when a pressurised water system is unavailable. The portability and the fact that they don”t require electricity to operate make them ideal for campers, travel, missionaries, emergency situations or even on your countertop at home.

gravity➤ The Doulton SS-4 comes with 7″ Super Sterasyl water filter Cartridges.
➤ The housing of the water filter is constructed of high quality stainless steel.
➤ This gravity fed unit is the best for portability. The upper chamber nests in the lower chamber for transport.
➤ Manually pour unfiltered water in upper chamber, and gravity will feed the water through the filters, then draw filtered water from lower chamber.
➤ 4 installed cartridges produce up to 1 gallon per hour.
➤ Lower chamber stores 2 1/2 gallons of filtered water.
➤ 19.5″tall and 8.5″ diameter – 5 1/2 pounds empty weight.
➤ The included super sterasyl ceramic water filter cartridge is rated to filter over 500 gallons of water before needing replacement (depending on quality of water being filtered).
➤ The ceramic water filter cartridges may be cleaned to increase the life of the cartridge.
➤ The SS-4 is very easy to assemble. Comes with detailed set up, operating and maintenance instructions.

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Reverse Osmosis

Eco Soft ImageReverse Osmosis is the most sophisticated water filtration system with exceptional water purification. The System employ a mixture of conventional cartridges and cross flow membranes with 3 to 5 filter cartridges combinations.

Reverse Osmosis successfully removes dissolved minerals and metals such as sodium, aluminium, arsenic, barium, chloride, chromium, copper, fluoride, magnesium, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nitrate, selenium, silver, sulfate and zinc. It is also effective with asbestos, many taste, colour and odour producing chemicals, particulates, total dissolved solids, turbidity and radium.

Reverse Osmosis System are most commonly used following water softeners for sodium removal.

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