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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We’ve just moved into our new house 6 months ago and already there is a white build up in our kettle and showers, what can we do?

A. The white build up in your kettle and shower is limescale, limescale is also building up in the places you can’t see e.g. washing machine, hot water cylinder etc. Watercare will call to your home free of charge, carry out an analysis on your water supply and recommend a suitable water softener.

Q. We’ve just drilled a new well, the water has been analysed and the supply contains bacteria. Are there any systems available to treat bacteria in the water supply?

A. There are two different systems available to treat bacteria. 1. Ultra Violet water disinfection system, the Ultra Violet system is installed on the main incoming pipe to your house and will treat all incoming water 2. Simply Water drinking water system, this system is installed underneath your sink and will treat a separate drinking water tap.

Q. We are interested in having a water softener installed in our home, is softened water suitable for drinking?

A. Although softened water is perfectly safe, Watercare recommend that a separate hard water tap is retained for drinking purposes, the hard water tap can also be treated with a separate system where necessary.

Q. Our family spends a lot of money on expensive bottled water, we don’t like the taste of our tap water and are also concerned about the quality, is there a more cost effective way of getting good drinking water into our home?

A. Yes. High quality drinking water is available in your own home by the installation of one of the following under sink drinking water filter systems:
1) Doulton drinking water filters
2) Reverse Osmosis
3) Activated Carbon.
This will give you quality drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Q. There is a lot of brown/black staining on our clothes, sinks, bathroom suites etc. What is causing this staining and is there a means of prevention.
A. Brown/black staining is caused by either iron or manganese in your water supply, an analysis of the water is required in order to recommend the correct system to solve the problem. Watercare will call to your home and give you a free quotation.

Q. I’ve heard that there is a grant available to upgrade your water supply, how do I qualify for this grant?
A. There is a grant available from the Department of the Environment for upgrading your water supply. In order to qualify for the grant 1) Your house must be over 7 years old 2) You must have your our drilled well with no access to a group water scheme or mains water, 75% grant assistance is available.
Grants are also available for group water schemes, up to 100% grant assistance.