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Water Grants 2018: Get up to 85% of the costs!

Grants For Water Supply & Water Treatment

Did you know you can apply for a “water grant”?

Find out whether you are qualified and how to apply!


1) Individual Water Supply

Drilling a New Well or Need a New Equipment?

There are grants available for those using private wells as a household water supply.

You can get a grant of up to €2,031.58 / 75% of the cost of the work done!

Under this scheme, if your house is more than 7 years old and not connected to either a public or a group scheme, you may be eligible to get a grant.

About this type of grant:

  • Used for a new water supply or to upgrade an existing one.
  • Only one grant per house will be allowed in any 10-year period.
  • Proposed work must cost over €635.

What kind of work would be eligible for the grant?

  • Drilling of a new well 
  • Provision of essential pumping
  • Water filtration/disinfection equipment

Check out Water Care’s well water pumping systems and water filtration and disinfection equipment.

Contact Water Care / Call 093 60398 or 086 824 1670 for more information now!

Learn More about this type of grant.


2) Group Water Supply

Getting a new water system together with your neighbours?

You can get a grant of €6,475 / 85% of the cost for each house in the scheme!

The amount of grant depends on the location. Contact your local authority for more information.

You can apply for this type of grant if:

  • You + at least one other householder are going to provide homes and farms with a new (previously non-existing) water system.
  • A committee that represents the scheme members must propose the scheme and the local authority must approve it.

“An annual subsidy is available for the running costs of the group water scheme. This must be approved by the local authority. The amount of subsidy is 100% of the qualifying expenditure up to the following limits:

  • €70 for each house supplied from a from a local authority source (public mains)
  • €140 for each house supplied from a private source (such as a private well)
  • Where a group scheme has provided its own water treatment plant under a Design, Build, Operate (DBO) contract, a new subsidy will be paid to cover the full production cost of treated water for domestic use.” Water Supply, Citizen Information

How and where to apply for an individual or group water supply grant?

Grant forms and further information can be found on your local authority website.


3) Grant to replace lead pipes and fittings

You can get a grant of up to €4,000 / 80% of the costs of the work done!

This grant can be provided to households with a low income that need to replace their lead pipes and lead fittings used as water supply connections.

You are qualified to get this type of grant if:

  • You are the owner of the private property you live in.
  • The lead pipes and fittings you are going to replace supply the water you consume – use for drinking or food preparation.
  • It’s necessary to get the remedial work done before applying for the grant at the cost of at least €200!
  • You provide a proof of a risk of lead contamination in your property.
  • Your drinking water flows through lead pipes that are outside the boundaries of your property, you must arrange their replacement as well.
  • You must pass a mean test – to qualify for the grant, the household income needs to be under €75000 per year. And the amount of grant you receive depends on your household income. Learn More

How to apply?

Complete the application form (pdf) and send it, along with the required documentation, to your local authority.

For information on how to apply for Irish Water’s Customer Opt-In Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme, read more on or contact Irish Water on 1850 278 278 or +353 1 707 2828.

4) Grants for septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems remedial works

You can get a grant of up to €4000 / 80% of the remedial work done!

You are eligible to receive this type of grant if:

  • You have a septic tank or a similar system that you registered and paid a fee at your local authority before 1 February 2013 (general deadline). You will not be eligible for any grant if your system was registered after this deadline if it needs remedial work.
  • You receive an advisory notice from the local authority requiring you to have a work done. The work required is based on the quality of your water system and septic tank conditions check carried out by inspectors arranged by the local authority.
  • You must pass a mean test – to qualify for the grant, the household income needs to be under €75000 per year. And the amount of grant you receive depends on your household income.

There are inspections arranged by local authorities in order to protect ground and surface water quality from the risks posed by systems that are not working properly. Inspectors check if septic tanks are maintained correctly and your water system is working properly.

If they find out any failures, you will get an advisory notice from the local authority to improve the maintenance of your system, to upgrade or remediate it. (Remediation work are based on factors such as the nature of the problem, the extent of risk to public health or the environment, existing site size and the hydrological and geological conditions present.) Learn More

How to apply?

Download the application form

You can find detailed information about the grant how to apply on the downloaded application form.


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Water Grants 2018: Get up to 85% of the costs!