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pH Correction System

pH Correction Unit

The pH value of water determines whether water alkaline or acidic. The pH of your water should be between 6.5 – 9.5.

Water with a lower value than 6.5 is considered acidic & can be corrosive. Should your pH level be lower than 6.5 we can recommend a product that will neutralise the acid in your water. A Calcide Unit will correct your pH level to an appropriate neutral level. The Calcide will dissolve into your water and you top it up when empty.

With a low level pH in your water, it is likely to;

* Leach metals from pipes and fixtures, such as copper, iron, lead, manganese & zinc.
* Cause damage to metal pipes.
* Cause a metallic or sour taste.
* Can effect Hair Colour (Highlights to turn green).
* Cause Blue-Green stains on sinks and drains.



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