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Senna 2.0 Compact Reverse Osmosis

Senna 2.0 Compact Reverse Osmosis

Reach the highest possible quality of drinking water with the Senna Reverse Osmosis System!

The Senna 2.0 series compact, space efficient reverse osmosis system is a modern stylish water filter system. It’s sleek new generation design will complement any modern kitchen. This system hides away under your sink, with built in tank, a metal free designer chrome tap, and a host of unique features detailed below. It meets all your water quality needs.

Immediately after installation of the Senna 2.0 Pumped Reverse Osmosis System, you will notice a difference to the quality and taste of your water and an improvement in the taste of tea, coffee, diluted beverages, and everything cooked in water.

Dimensions of the Senna are 430 high, 250 wide and 400 deep.




Unique Features

Smart LED indicator.

A re-mineral filter is standard with the Senna 2.0 Reverse Osmosis Unit.

Intelligent functions; Filter Change Notice, Water Quality Detector, Leak Sensor.

Auto flushing, to help prevent scaling or fouling of the membrane by providing a rapid rinse which washes away impurities and keeps the membrane clean.

The wave shape design of the body of the unit makes way for easier maintenance access.

This system is provided with a high and low pressure switches to protect the pump.

System provided with a shut off valve. When the storage tank is full, the water inlet of the system is mechanically cut and water stops going into the drain.


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