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Senna 2.0 Reverse Osmosis System

Senna 2.0 Reverse Osmosis System

Senna 2.0 is a 5-stage reverse osmosis system that combines style and power into one compact unit.

This space efficient reverse osmosis system with new generation design complements any modern kitchen. As there is no separate storage tank, the system fits perfectly giving you ample amount of space under your kitchen sink.

Unlike other reverse osmosis systems in the market, Senna 2.0 comes with intelligent control functions such as filter change notice, water quality indicator, leak sensor, and auto-flushing. These features make it one of the most advanced reverse osmosis systems out in the market.

With high filtration efficiency, most RO units remove virtually everything present in the water including good minerals that are beneficial to human body. However, Senna 2.0 reverse osmosis system is equipped with remineralization filter that adds back those lost minerals back into the water giving you that enhanced taste.

The water from Senna reverse osmosis filter is ideal for drinking, cooking, brewing tea or coffee, making ice cubes, aquariums, and delicate plants.

What Does It Remove?

The system is proven to remove sodium, calcium, magnesium, arsenic, boron, lead, and other heave metals. Moreover, it can also effective removes cryptosporidium, chlorine, sulphates, nitrates, THMs, pesticides, and other organic compounds from your home water supply.

Even though reverse osmosis systems are quite effective in removing bacterial contamination; advanced systems such as ultraviolet lights, designed specifically for bacteria removal, should be put in place.

Stage 1

The sediment filter removes silt, sand, sediment, rust, and anything which is larger than 5 micron in size.

Stage 2

The granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine and other organic substances such as THMs.

Stage 3

The carbon block filter uses tiny filtration pores to remove fine impurities and particles greater than 1 micron in size.

Stage 4

The RO membrane rejects total dissolved salts (TDS), heavy metals such as sodium, lead, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, sulphates, boron, bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms in water.

Stage 5

The last filter essentially improves the taste of the water by adding back healthy minerals into the filtered water.

Benefits of Senna RO System


Removes Contaminants

Removes up to 99.9% of impurities from water.


Tremendous Savings

Save up to €600 per year on bottled water. Spend Less, Drink More.

Unlimited Pure Water

Compact design that fits nicely under the sink.

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Environmentally Friendly

Get unlimited supply of clean drinking water from your kitchen tap.

Key Features

  • Build in storage tank.
  • Smart LED indicator.
  • A re-mineral filter is standard with the Senna 2.0 Reverse Osmosis Unit.
  • Intelligent functions; Filter Change Notice, Water Quality Detector, Leak Sensor.
  • Auto flushing, to help prevent scaling or fouling of the membrane by providing a rapid rinse which washes away impurities and keeps the membrane clean.
  • The wave shape design of the body of the unit makes way for easier maintenance access.
  • This system is provided with high and low pressure switches to protect the pump.
  • System provided with a shut off valve. When the storage tank is full, the water inlet of the system is mechanically cut and water stops going into the drain.


  • Capacity: 8 L/h or 50 GPD
  • Maximum Salinity: 2000 ppm
  • Operating pressure for filter without pump: 3-6 bar
  • Operating pressure for filter with pump: 1-2.5 bar
  • Inlet water temperature: 2- 40 °С
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Dimensions, H x W x D: 430x250x415 mm