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Stella Reverse Osmosis

Stella Reverse Osmosis

Retains minerals beneficial to your health such as calcium or magnesium!

The Revolutionary Stella reverse osmosis is a complete and compact system which can be easily installed in your kitchen. It can be integrated inside the cupboards, therefore it has no effect on the kitchen’s design.

The Stella has been completely built using plastic materials, preventing the deterioration of steel due to humidity. It is designed with your three swivel hinged filter housings for easy maintenance. It is lower than the conventional Reverse Osmosis System so it can be installed in the lower height of 365. The water produced is perfect for cooking and washing fruit, making coffee or tea, preparing feeding bottles, making ice cubes, for steam irons, aquariums, delicate plants, etc.

Dimensions for Stella are 365 high, 410 wide and 250 deep. The tank is 280 high and 280 diameter.

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