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Stella Reverse Osmosis System

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Stella Reverse Osmosis System

Stella reverse osmosis system is one of the our most popular water filtration system. This super quality 5-stage RO system offers very best in filtration technology by removing virtually every impurity present in the water.

As reverse osmosis technology eliminates everything out of your water (including good minerals), you’re left with nothing in your water. This just isn’t the case with Stella reverse osmosis system, as it adds back essential minerals back into your water for that enhanced taste.

Stella combines style and power into one compact unit that can be installed right under your kitchen sink. The system offers additional space in the form of flat top with short rim to hold some bottles, glass or soft drink cans. This means, you can utilize maximum space under your kitchen sink. Moreover, when you open your cabinet, you won’t be welcomed by a bunch of pipes falling out of your filtration system. Needless to say, these features make this unit our best-selling unit.

The water produced is perfect for cooking and washing fruit, making coffee or tea, preparing feeding bottles, making ice cubes, for steam irons, aquariums, delicate plants, etc.

What Does It Remove?

The RO membrane usually rejects more than 95% of salts, however, the amount may vary depending on the quality of water, temperature, and pressure. The system is proven to remove sodium, calcium, magnesium, arsenic, boron, lead, and other heave metals. Moreover, it can also effective removes cryptosporidium, chlorine, sulphates, nitrates, THMs, pesticides, and other organic compounds from your home water supply.

Even though reverse osmosis is quite effective in removing bacterial contamination, it is not recommended to rely solely on a reverse osmosis filter to remove them. In that case, a ultra-violet filtration is highly recommended.

Stage 1

The sediment filter removes silt, sand, sediment, rust, and anything which is larger than 5 micron in size.

Stage 2

The granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine and other organic substances such as THMs.

Stage 3

The carbon block filter uses tiny filtration pores to remove fine impurities and particles greater than 1 micron in size.

Stage 4

The RO membrane rejects total dissolved salts (TDS), heavy metals such as sodium, lead, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, sulphates, boron, bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms in water.

Stage 5

The last filter essentially improves the taste of the water by adding back healthy minerals into the filtered water.

Benefits of Stella RO System


Removes Contaminants

Removes up to 99.9% of impurities from water.


Tremendous Savings

Save up to €600 per year on bottled water. Spend Less, Drink More.

Unlimited Pure Water

Compact design that fits nicely under the sink.

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Environmentally Friendly

Get unlimited supply of clean drinking water from your kitchen tap.

Key Features

  • Anti-Rust Plastic Housing
  • Comes with a booster pump that ensures consistent pressure
  • Shuts off automatically when water tank is full
  • NSF certified components
  • Every system is fully tested prior to shipment


  • Capacity: 8 L/h or 50 GPD
  • Maximum Salinity: 2000 ppm
  • Operating pressure for filter without pump: 3-6 bar
  • Operating pressure for filter with pump: 1-2.5 bar
  • Inlet water temperature: 2- 40 °С
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Dimensions, H x W x D: 365x405x215 mm
  • Tank dimensions, H x D: 420x280