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Ultra Violet Water Filters

Ultra Violet (UV) Water Filters Ireland

Ultra Violet water disinfection technology is widely used around the world to ensure safe water free from bacteria without the use of Chlorine or other unpleasant chemicals, eliminating the risk of overdosing or imparting bad taste. Ultra Violet energy causes inactivation of micro-organisms by disrupting DNA, therefore preventing the growth of bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores.


Bacteria in Drinking Water

Bacteria is found in many wells and occurs intermittently throughout the year depending on heavy rainfall. Ultra Violet filtration is usually used after some form of primary water treatment mainly water softening to keep the ultraviolet system inner quarts sleeve clean and clear, keeping the water clear from bacteria.

Ultra Violet Systems

ultra violet lights water filterWe offer both Whole-house and Under sink Ultra Violet Lights, however, we would highly recommend for our clients to obtain of the Whole-house Ultra Violet Light as all the water in the entire house will be Bacteria free, picture yourself brushing your teeth, would you want to be doing so in Bacteria infested water! The Under sink Ultra Violet Light will remove 99.99% of the Bacteria in your water in the specially fitted tap on your Kitchen Sink only.

Installation is simple, and once fitted, the system requires no attention and only periodic maintenance. Due to efficient design and the use of high quality components, running costs are extremely low, and the light requires only annual replacement. The lamp may light for longer but the strength of the bulb will be much weaker, therefore we urge our clients to change the bulbs every twelve months.  The chamber is manufactured from hygienic 316L grade stainless steel ensuring strength, reliability and efficient hydraulic operation. All our Ultra Violet Lights are fitted with alarms should the bulb blow.



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