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Office Water Coolers & Dispensers

Watercare is a leading water cooler company in Ireland providing a wide selection of water coolers for small & large businesses, offices, schools, colleges, universities across Ireland. Over the years, we have garnered the trust of countless commercial clients by hydrating their employees and enhancing their productivity. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and will determine the best location to install your water cooler.

Mains fed or Plumbed in water coolers offer unlimited supply of fresh drinking water without the hassle of bottle deliveries, their storage and return. Our water coolers are ideal for offices with high water consumption who are looking to reduce their costs.

Benefits of Point of Use (POU) Water Filters

  • Unlimited Water Supply
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Eliminates need to store bottles
  • Ideal of Offices with high consumption of water

Oasis KhaliX Water Cooler

A plumbed in stainless steel high quality stand alone water cooler which is connected to your existing water supply. The filters are placed in the back of the water cooler. It provides cold or room temperature water on your convenience.

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AquaPointe Water Coolers & Drinking Water Fountains

AquaPointe bottle water fillers and fountains deliver ambient water! The basins are designed to eliminate splashing and standing water. Avalibale as built in or standing alone.


Oasis AquaPointe Water Coolers Ireland










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Oasis Onyx Countertop Water Cooler

This countertop water cooler is connected directly to the existing water lines. It provides up to 240 cups per hour of cold and room temperature water at your convenience.

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Aquarius Water Cooler

Oasis Aquarius is a plumbed in type of water filler suitable for an office.

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