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Water Softeners in Ireland

It’s no secret that hard water can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Counties such as Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare, Longford are known to be the most hard water areas in Ireland.

Living in a hard water area is not only frustrating you but also damage your home: from observable limescale build-up on shower screens, granite worktops, sinks and taps through to the invisible long-term damage to washing machines, plumbing systems and pipework.

However, a water softener provided by Watercare can reverse the effects of hard water. Upon installation of a water softener in your home or workplace, you will immediately begin to experience the changes in the quality of your home’s water.

Our Range of Water Softening Systems

Clack Cabinet Water Softener

The Clack Cabinet Water Softener provides excellent protection of household appliances such as kettles, washing machines, Shower heads and heating boilers from calcium and limescale build up within your home.

This unit is best suited for the capacity and average daily usage of a one to three bedroom home, relating to human consumption such as showering, bathing and washing etc. Higher capacity or extreme water usage will affect the softening process in terms of the settings programmed into the unit and it’s regeneration cycle, i.e when the unit sucks brine (salt water) in and cleans itself out or uses salt which mixes with the ion exchange resin causing the calcium or limescale beads to fall off or soften your home or work office water supply.

The Clack Cabinet Softener is a metered controlled valve and will require between four to six bags of salt per year.

Dimensions: Height; 530 mm Width; 220 mm Depth; 410 mm

Weight: 8 Kg

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Where to Install a Water Softener

It is best to install the water softener close to mains shut off valve (or stopcock). In most cases, a water softener could go under a kitchen sink. In new houses, it could possibly go in plant room where your pressurized water system houses.

The best way to know the ideal location for your new softener is by contacting Watercare.

Why Choose Watercare

We are committed to providing you with the most cost effective and reliable water which use the latest technology in the water treatment industry. And it doesn’t stop there, we like to build a relationship with our customers ensuring they get a seamless experience when working with us.

If you need assistance with choosing the best water softening system for your home, contact us. With years of experience helping clients resolve their water issues; our specialists at Watercare have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice.

Water Care are of the belief that the best components make the best softeners, and Clack NSF certified water softeners are world renowned as the most advanced, highest specified and most reliable. Clack valves have been leaders in the water treatment industry for over seventy years. It is for these reasons that we have become one of the main importers of Clack water softeners in Ireland.

Our Clack water softeners work on a meter-controlled basis, this means that the system measures water use to accurately determine when it is time to regenerate with clock like precision resulting in up to 80% less water consumption, and up to 70% savings in salt. Your softener automatically adjusts to your water usage pattern and will only regenerate when absolutely necessary.

Benefits of Soft Water

Long Lasting Appliances

Limescale build up reduces lifespan of your dishwashers, washing machines, and kettles. Prevent the adverse effects of hard water by using water softeners.

Reduced Energy Bills

Your appliances work inefficiently due to hard water composition, thus, costing you more. Keep your energy bills in check with efficient appliances.

Bright & Clean Laundry

Excessive hardness in water leaves mineral deposits on clothes after washing and clothes appear to be dull. That’s no longer the case when using softener water.

Soft & Gentle Skin

Hard water reduces skin’s ability to retain water turning it skin dry and flaky. Say goodbye to itchy and flaky skin when you use a water softener regularly.

Smooth & Silky Hair

Minerals in hard water reduce foam production, making it difficult to wash away soap and turning it dull. Get shinier and glossy hair when washed with soft water.

Better Cleaning

Hard water does not mix well detergent leaving a not-so clean surface behind. Enjoy better cleaning performance using less detergent with softened water.

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If you are unsure of what sized water softening equipment you require for your home or commercial property, contact Watercare. Our engineers have immense experience in installing water softeners and would suggest the best system depending upon water hardness in your area and your consumption levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All salt based water softeners use ion exchange process to turn hard water into soft. As the hard water passes through the water softeners, the resin beads extract out the hardness causing minerals (calcium and magnesium) and exchange them with sodium ions. As a result, soft water leaves out of the system.

After a period of time (depending on your water usage), resin beads will become exhausted and won't be able to exchange any more minerals from hard water. At this point of time, the water softener carries out the regeneration process which recharges the resin beads. The salt solution passes through the resin beads which detaches the hardness causing minerals and flushed down the drain.

Clack valves are market leaders, are for a good reason. Many dealers love other valves as they make a lot money servicing them, so guess who pays the price - the customer. Clack valves, on the other hand, are exceptionally reliable valves which no complaints whatsoever. Other leading dealers of water softeners such as EWT, use cheap Chinese copies that do not last long and may need frequent repairs.

One of the best places to install a water softener is close to where the mains water enters your home. Most of the time, a water softener can go under a kitchen sink as that's where the mains water supply is present. Other places to install a water softening system would be in a utility room, garage, or even outside.

For most homes, a cabinet water softener is a popular option capable of handling water softening requirements for a family of 5-6. However, if you have greater water consumption or draw water from a private well, you may need a bigger water softener. The best way to know the right softener for you is by contacting Watercare.

All Clack water softening system use tablet salt. We will provide you 1 bag of salt to start with, and after that that can be purchased from retail outlets such as Woodies. It comes in 25kg packs. For a family of 4, you will use 5-6 bags of salt each year.

Each bag of salt of salt can cost roughly €8 - €10. The running costs of our Clack water softeners are low and you'll spend just €60-€70 on regeneration salt every year.

Softened water contains more than recommended amount of sodium level. So it is not advised to drink soft. We usually recommend passing soft water through a water filter for drinking purposes.


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