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Iron and Manganese Removal Systems

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System with Filox filter medium

filoxFilox-R™, a specially prepared filter medium for the reduction of iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese from well water, clearly outperforms the other filter media that are most commonly used for these contaminants. Filox-R™ is a superior performer because of its very high manganese dioxide content.

Manganese dioxide is the active ingredient of all leading iron/manganese reduction systems. Filox-R™ consists of 75% to 85% manganese dioxide By contrast, Manganese Greensand is 3% and Birm is 1% manganese dioxide. The high manganese dioxide content produces a much more active and energetic medium — therefore, a much more effective product.


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System with Crystal Right medium

Crystal rite provides superior removal of iron, manganese & hardness while raising pH levels of acidic water at the same time.

Crystal rite crystals provide better filtration and are thoroughly cleaned by backwashing faster than ordinary resins without loss of product. It also uses granular salt to regenerate.



System with Ion Exchange Resin

This system removes iron, manganese and hardness. It uses granular salt to regenerate.

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal Systems

 Activated Carbon System

Activated Carbon is for use in a range of water treatment applications. Typical uses include taste and odour removal in domestic water treatment.

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Aeration System

aerationAn Aeration system comprises of a) an aeration tank b) an aeration spray system c) booster pump d) Activated Carbon column filter. This process involves the water being supplied to the aeration tank from the well pump via aeration nozels fitted in the tank. This allows the water to be exposed to the atmosphere resulting in the dissipation of the Hydrogen Sulphide.

The water is once again pressurised by the use of a booster pump which supplies water to the property via an Activated Carbon filter.

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