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What is a Water Softener

What is hard water?

 “Hard water is water which contains dissolved chalk, lime and other minerals. Rainwater is naturally soft, but as it percolates through chalk and limestone in the Earth, it dissolves and collects these minerals.”

The hardness of the supply of mains water to your home is dependent on where you live and the source of your mains water supply. Hard water is prevalent throughout Ireland, particularly in Dublin, Carlow, Meath, Westmeath, Offaly, Wicklow, Cork and many more counties.

Although hard water is officially harmless, it can cause a number of issues in the home. Hard water interferes with almost every cleaning task, from laundering and dishwashing to bathing and personal grooming. Clothes washed in hard water can feel harsh and scratchy, dishes and glasses may be spotted when dry, hard water mat cause a film on glass shower doors, shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, taps, etc. Hair washed in hard water may be left looking dull, and water flow may be reduced by a build-up of scale deposits in the pipe work.

When heated hard water forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals that can contribute to the inefficiency or failure of water using appliances. Pipes can become clogged with scale that reduces water flow and ultimately requires pipe replacement.

limescale in home

What can I do about hard water?

The optimum solution to remove hardness from your water is the installation of a water softener. Water softeners are the longest established, most cost effective, energy saving treatment devices on the global water treatment market today.

Softened water provides real cost savings in service, maintenance and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers and also extends their life. It will improve the efficiency of hot water and heating systems – just 1.6mm of scale build-up in heating systems will cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency. Softened water can also remove existing scale deposits in hot water and heating systems as well as the scale around taps, in shower heads and stains on baths and basins.

What is a water softener?

Water softeners are specific ion exchangers that are designed to remove ions, which are positively charged. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions, these particular ions are often referred to as ‘hardness minerals’.

Clack Water Softener

Water Care are of the belief that the best components make the best softeners, and Clack NSF certified water softeners are world renowned as the most advanced, highest specified and most reliable. Clack valves have been leaders in the water treatment industry for over seventy years. It is for these reasons that we have become one of the main importers of Clack water softeners in Ireland.

Our Clack water softeners work on a meter controlled basis, meaning they only regenerate when absolutely necessary, resulting in up to 70% less salt and 80% less water consumption when compared to traditional timer based softeners. It has been proven that Clack water softeners outperform there US counterparts including Autotrol, Culligan, Ionics, Kinetico, and are far superior to low quality Asian water softeners. We supply and install a full range of the latest Clack volumetric, metered water softeners and cater for all applications, from small one bed apartments and average family homes, to large hotels and factories.

With low prices, warranties of up to 20 years and the neatest, tidiest installations nationwide, you can rest assured that a Water Care water softener is the best possible choice available.

Salt Delivery Service

It is important that your water softener is kept topped up to within 2-3 inches of the salt lid and that the softener never runs below about a third full of salt to ensure that you enjoy the continuation of softened water throughout your home.

Water Care provides a softener salt delivery service that meets everyone’s needs. Never run out of water softener salt using our convenient delivery schedules.

You do not have to own a Water Care water softening system in order to take advantage of our softener salt delivery service.

We are suppliers of Hydrosoft tablet salt. Hydrosoft is manufactured with water softeners in mind. These strong, smooth tablets are compacted using the latest technologies, meaning they will not fall apart and they will dissolve evenly, so there is no undissolved salt building up in the base of your water softener.

With nothing added and nothing taken away these are one of the purest water softening salts available on the market, ensuring best results suitable for all makes of water softeners.


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