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Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Watercare supply and install a range of industrial treatment systems.


4458917Industrial systems are available in 4 groups:

1. Simplex – consists of 1 structural column
2. Duplex – consists of 2 structural columns
3. Triplex – consists of 3 structural columns
4. Quadplex – consists of 4 structural columns



Structural have been designing and manufacturing composite pressure vessels for over four decades and they are the market leader in this field. All of their vessels have a maximum working pressure of 10bar and a design lifetime of 250,000 cycles from 0 to 10bar.


The latest generation of vessels is made using an integral polyethylene liner and a high strength outer of continuous glass filament and epoxy resin. The polyethylene liner ensures that water quality is maintained in critical applications while allowing the use of a variety of regenerates including salt, acids and caustic soda. Control valves for these systems are generally volumetric & are also available with multiple control functions.

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